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Spantec Systems is a leader in light structural steel beams and specialists in steel flooring systems. Spantec's beams are widely used across Australia for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Boxspan® beams allow our customers to substitute timber in many structural applications without the concern of termites. Boxspan beams are used as subfloor bearers & joists, rafters, purlins, lintels and other roof beams.

Colorbeam® light structural roof beams are the streamlined version of Boxspan. They are ideal for home improvement applications such as carports, patios, verandahs and awnings.

Ezi-pier® is an adjustable steel pier used in place of brick piers and timber or concrete stumps for subfloor applications. To compliment the ezipier system we manufacture Ezi-brace® subfloor bracing to complete your support structure.

Along with the beams, Spantec manufacture and stock a wide range of brackets and accessories to complete the job.

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Choose from the new range of adjustable pier-heads to suit your subfloor or deck.

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