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Boxspan® Ground Sub Floors

Raised Ground Floors - a solid alternative to slab on ground.
Boxspan beams solve many issues for ground subfloors:
  • Sloping sites can remain largely undisturbed - eliminates cutting, filling and compaction.
  • Easy under floor inspection (the safest termite prevention method)
  • Environmentally sound - silt runoff into waterways is reduced
  • Reduces hidden cost of landscaping to repair site after building completion
  • Beams are consistent in size giving you a very straight floor
  • No shrinkage with Boxspan, therefore no squeaky floors, cracks in cornices or doors or windows that stick
  • Termite proof - used in conjunction with steel wall and roof framing, expensive termite prevention can be eliminated (check with your local authority).

Two Ground subfloor systems
The two ground subfloor systems used with Boxspan beams are the conventional system and the raised ring beam system. Both systems allow the builder or owner builder to work with their preferred construction method. Ground floor internal bearers and perimeter bearers are installed on brick piers or using our Ezi-pier. Joists are generally installed at 450mm centres over internal bearers.

The raised ring beam system - The use of deep perimeter bearers means that the bottom plate of the wall above is fully supported by a continuous ring beam which eliminates the need for blocking.

The conventional system is the traditional joist over bearers. This system is generally quicker to set out and install.

Conventional System
(with continuous blocking angle)
Raised Ring Beam

Typical Boxspan Beams used

• Joists: (100x50-12)
• Internal & Perimeter Bearers:
(100x50-16 or 150x50-20)
• Continuous Blocking Angle

Typical Boxspan Beams used

• Joists: (100x50-12)
• Internal Bearers:
(100x50-16 or 150x50-20)
• Perimeter Bearers: 


• Quicker set out
• Quicker installation
• All brackets screwed from above


• No blocking required
• Fully supports frames above

Design Corner

Span tables
Flooring Brackets

Typical Connection Details

Joist over perimeter with CBA

"Raised Ring Beam "
Joist connecting into perimeter bearer

How Boxspan® saves you money

No wastage
Boxspan floor frames are supplied as a complete, fully designed system. All beams are rolled to exact length and labelled in accordance with detailed working drawings. There is no cutting of longer lengths of joists or bearers on site and no wastage to get rid of.

Saving on piers
Due to the long spans of Boxspan beams, the number of internal piers is reduced by up to 50% for large homes.
Pier layout comparison
Typical timber internal pier layout (1800 centres) for 224m2

Number of Piers

Typical Boxspan internal pier layout (2400 centres)

Number of Piers

42% saving

"Ezi Pier"
Adjustable Piers
For raised ground floors

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