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Get the right floor level with
Ezi-Pier adjustable piers

Spantec's Ezi-Pier makes it very easy for raised ground floors:

  • The adjustable pier heads provide the tradesperson/installer with enough (100mm) tolerance to obtain an extremely level floor
  • Available in 75x75mm, 89x89mm and 90x90mm pier and post systems to deal with most sloping sites
  • Save time with tradespeople because the piers and floor frame can be done by one trade without the need for bricklayers
  • Ezi-Pier is just as easy to use with timber bearers & joists as it is with Boxspan.
  • No ant capping is required as the adjustable pier head is a solid rod, which allows for visual inspection as required by the BCA
  • An easy option for owner builders
  • Fire resistant
  • If you do not require adjustment on your piers, Spantec have fixed pier options similar to timber and concrete stumps.

    See the range of pier heads >>

Design Corner

ezi-pier components

Typical Pier Assembly
Design Load Capacities >>

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